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A vehicle inspection is a key safety step that keeps you and others safe while driving. Most vehicle owners must take this legally required step, to be able to drive on the road. As with any state, Maryland car owners must follow a set of inspection laws. Maryland requires safety inspections in certain scenarios. If […]

If you recently bought a car, moved to Maryland or received a Safety Equipment Rsepair Order (SERO), you are likely in need of a vehicle inspection. Although this is not required yearly, these are the main scenarios in Maryland that necessitate a safety inspection. It may sound stressful, but bringing your car in for an […]

Fri Jul 3  Mufflers

The muffler, also known as your exhaust system, is something crucial for your vehicle performance. That is why you need to understand the basic functions of this system. If something happens, it will be good for you to know all the repercussions that having your muffler damaged involve. What can happen if your muffler is […]