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National Budget Muffler
700 Pulaski Hwy
Joppa, MD 21078




Joppa, MD Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

At National Budget Muffler, we’re more than a muffler repair shop. We offer a range of car, SUV, and truck maintenance and repair services at our Joppa, MD auto repair shop. It’s one of 3 we operate in Harford County.
Our Joppa auto repair shop is conveniently located on Pulaski Highway/Highway 40, about 5 minutes from the Mountain Road exit off of I-95. Many of our customers live in:

  • Joppa
  • Joppatowne
  • Clayton
  • Bradshaw
  • Gunpower
  • Kingsville
  • Edgewood
  • Upper Falls

Affordable Auto Repair Services

Keeping your car, SUV, or truck running smoothly shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We pride ourselves on providing superior auto repair services at affordable pricing. We offer competitive prices for auto repair and maintenance, and in some cases, our prices are cheaper than the other guys, and definitely cheaper than the prices the auto dealerships will quote you.
We also pride ourselves on being honest. We won’t try and convince you that your car needs repairs or new parts when it doesn’t just to try and make some extra money. We value your business, and want you to feel comfortable bringing your vehicles here. Many of our customers have been with us for years.
Our Joppa auto repair shop offers the following services:

  • General Auto Repair
  • Brake Service
  • Muffler Repair & Exhaust Repair
  • Tire Service
  • Maryland Vehicle Inspection
  • FREE Towing Service to one of our locations

General Auto Repair

General auto repair and car maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Car AC Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Electrical System Repairs
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Battery Testing and Replacement
  • Belt Replacement
  • Oil Changes
  • Filter Changes
  • Tune Ups
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Brake Service

Keeping your brake system in good shape is crucial to the safety of you and your family. Services include:

  • Brake Inspection
  • Brake Repair
  • Brake Pads Replacement
  • Brake Rotors
  • Brake Fluid Change

Don’t ignore squealing brakes or spongy brakes.

Muffler Repair & Exhaust Repair

You know with Muffler in our name, we provide expert muffler repair and exhaust system repair. We’ll even take on repair projects other auto repair shops won’t touch. From catalytic converters to mufflers to the manifold, we’ve got you covered.

Tire Service

We provide tire repair, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and tire mounting for all types of personal vehicles. While we don’t stock tires ourselves, we can order them for you, or install tires you have sent to our shop.

Maryland Vehicle Inspection

We are also an authorized Maryland Vehicle Inspection station. If you just moved here from out of state or purchased a used car, you’ll need to get inspected before you can get your vehicle registration. And we can make any necessary repairs as well.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

(Reviews from Google)
When it comes to diagnosing, repairing, or giving honest sound advice this is the place to go to. It’s like an old fashioned, down-home shop with modern technology; that is unlike other big-name places. This shop has integrity and will not make up problems to suck you dry. They explain everything and if they are unable to fix it, they will tell you.
Don’t be fooled or apprehensive when you get the repair cost it will most likely be better than other places even if it seems high; they usually aren’t. Derk wasn’t there so I dealt with Bobby. The young men there know their stuff. Pull in with confidence; they do way more than mufflers. They sell cars also. Oh yes, I almost drove pass the shop as they replaced the old faded sign to a brand new one. National Budget will deliver (get the job done). -Bridget S.

These are the greatest mechanics and nicest people you will ever meet, they work with you on prices, they tell you exactly what’s needed and they don’t try to just slap more parts on the bill. They’re more than fair and can work with you on scheduling, the most professional set of people I myself have every dealt with, highly recommended to all friends, family, and new customers. -Jacob Schildtknecht

After the dealer said it was my catalytic converter. I took my truck to them. They found the problem and fixed it for way less than the dealer wanted and for something that was not the problem. Thanks! – John Van Klei