What Does a Muffler Do?


The muffler, also known as your exhaust system, is something crucial for your vehicle performance. That is why you need to understand the basic functions of this system. If something happens, it will be good for you to know all the repercussions that having your muffler damaged involve.

What can happen if your muffler is defective? There are a number of things that can happen, like, for example, a decrease in fuel efficiency, noise pollution, and also lowered engine performance. 

Protection From Pollution

A muffler does not just “muffle sound”, it also has another very important task as a part of your car. It steers the exhaust fumes out of the engine and away from passengers in the car. You need to be careful with the performance because if there is a hole or just a crack in it, the fumes can get inside your car. These exhaust fumes are harmful as they contain carbon monoxide as well as other high hazardous toxins. These can be very dangerous and cause serious harm to you and the other passengers in the car.

Decrease Engine Sound

One of the main functionalities of the muffler is to reduce the sound of the engine, or, to put it in other words, to muffle. The sound waves that come out of the engine are directed through sets of internal tubes and chambers. These are designed to cancel out the sound waves, but only partially, so you can have a quiet sounding engine.

Do You Need To Replace Your Muffler?

Mufflers are not made to last forever. Materials can deteriorate over time. That is what happens to the internal and external components that make up the muffler. You need to know and be aware that the muffler is a part that eventually will need replacement. 

External Rust

What usually makes a muffler malfunction is rust. And why does rust appear? When metal is exposed to excessive amounts of road salt during winter is a common cause for rust to appear on the outside of the muffler.

Internal Rust

Rust can also form internally and not only on the outside. This can happen due to condensation from normal day-to-day use. You will notice water droplets coming out from your exhaust when you start up the car. These droplets are a normal thing. They are a by-product of the condensation that forms when the exhaust is hot, and then it cools down.

This water does not always drain out, at least not completely. That is why internal rust appears. If you notice a steady stream of water coming out of the muffler, then that is something that might tell you that your exhaust has excessive rust.

How To Know If Your Muffler Needs To Be Replaced

Excessive Noise

When you hear a loud noise coming from your muffler, then that is one of the most common reasons to get your muffler replaced. If your car is very loud, you will notice that it will start to feel a little sluggish. If you feel any vibration or rather hear it underneath your car, this can also indicate a faulty muffler.

A decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Have you noticed that your car is running hotter than normal? Or maybe you’ve noticed a decrease in your car’s fuel efficiency. The cause of this may be that the internal chambers are rusting apart. When this happens, all the exhaust gases cannot escape properly, so going to your mechanic would be the wise thing to do.

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