Get a Vehicle inspection To Be Sure Your Car is Legal in Maryland

Maryland Vehicle Inspection

A vehicle inspection is a key safety step that keeps you and others safe while driving. Most vehicle owners must take this legally required step, to be able to drive on the road. As with any state, Maryland car owners must follow a set of inspection laws.

Maryland requires safety inspections in certain scenarios. If you are new to the state or new to owning a car, this process can seem complicated. You will be ready for your next vehicle inspection, armed with the following information.

maryland vehicle inspection station
Maryland Vehicle Inspection Station

Know the Inspection Laws When You Move to Maryland

Your car must be inspected within 60 days of moving to Maryland. Even if you had an inspection in your former home state, you must take your car to a licensed station.

Vehicle Inspection

The good news is, you can move forward with registering your car, once it passes inspection. For details on titling and registering your vehicle, go here to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). 

Vehicle Inspection When You Buy a Car

Be sure that when you are buying a vehicle, either you or the seller get it inspected. The state does not regulate private vehicle transactions, although their website states that sellers are responsible for the inspection. Keep in mind that Maryland requires a safety inspection before you can register your new vehicle.

Once your car passes inspection, you will receive a “Maryland Safety Inspection Certificate” which will be valid for 90 days. Double check that your VIN matches the VIN entered on the inspection certificate and all related documents. 

You can purchase a temporary registration from the MVA, if you need time to repair or inspect your vehicle. The temporary registration is valid for 30 days from the issue date and you can buy it while titling the vehicle.

According to the MVA website, if you need a temporary registration, you must complete an MVA ‘Temporary Inspection Waiver’ (form number VR-129).

Get an Inspection When Selling Your Car

If you are selling a car in Maryland, the MVA states that you are responsible for several pieces of the process. Although not regulated by the state, the MVA says that you, the seller, are responsible to get a vehicle inspection. Buyers will be at ease knowing that you are selling a quality vehicle. 

If you are simply giving your car to a spouse, parent or child and the car is titled in Maryland, there is no requirement to get a safety inspection, but it’s a good idea. You will want to be sure you are passing on a safe car to your family member.

Note: An inspection is not required when you remove a name from a co-owned vehicle.

The Scoop on Annual Vehicle Inspections

Although Maryland does not require an annual vehicle inspection, it is a good safety measure to take. An annual inspection can keep you and your family safe on the road, all year long.

Keep in mind that most vehicle owners must bring their cars in for an emissions test every 2 years. This is a completely different test from a safety inspection. You will need to complete this at an emissions inspection station. 

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